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Counseling near me

Compassionate therapy for the whole family

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Our #1priority is the relationship you have with your therapist

Our clinicians have specialized training and experience in specific areas. When you reach out to us, you'll be carefully matched to the therapist who is best equipped to support you and your family. You're always welcome to inquire about working with a specific counselor.  Visit Our Team to learn more about our clinicians.   

counseling near me

We Specialize In


Therapeutic Play


Emotional Distress

Personalized Care



“My daughter is like a new kid. I am so thankful to have found her counselor”


“I was able to talk about my past and learn things about myself and my family that I have never thought about for. Looking back, I wish that I would have made an appointment sooner". 


“My son was so anxious that it was hard for him to go to school. Now we have a plan with his teachers to help him feel supported".


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