Pink Gradient

Couples Therapy

Relationships are full of challenges that make us question our sense of value and emotional security. In our sessions, we will strive to “Get it right” versus focusing on trying to “be right”. Asking for help is the first step toward gaining reconnection. I would love to help you and your partner find renewed strength.

What we will work on to accomplish together:

• Understanding generational themes/rules which impact marriage

• Communication skills and tools

• Identify and understand love languages

• Learn how to give and practice emotional vulnerability and validation.

• Define boundaries and expectations

• Understand wants and needs

Do you feel:

  • Disconnected

  • Angry

  • Resentful

  • Misunderstood

  • Stuck

  • Afraid of losing the one you love?

 $150 per 50 minute session
(Premarital Counseling Available)