Team Building


Exciting opportunities
and Team Building
Activities facilitated
by a former collegiate
Learn How To:

  • Manage Anxiety

  • Build Frustration Tolerance

  • Improve Communication

  • Create Trust

  • Develop Confidence


I grew up on the field and I know what it means to live for the game. However, as we all know life can throw us curve balls, block our shocks, and cause us to fall just short of the win. Being a true athlete is not about just winning a game but knowing what it means to push past the physical pain.  But how often do we struggle with the games inside our own minds? We lose the competition before it even starts.  We get stuck listening to all of those voices...the ones that create pressure, a fear of failure, and eventually, we feel intimidated. I personally know what it’s like to face those battles on and off the field, the court, or the track. Allow my past experiences as an athlete to help you find empowerment and direction. Whether it is trying to reduce your anxiety for better performance, remember how to love the game itself instead of the win, or even creating a new identity from the grief and loss of an injury....I am here to help. 


I played sports ranging from basketball, track, volleyball, and softball all my life, which is my true love. I completed at the collegiate level and traveled across the US playing softball. I won many awards through high school and college. I understand the emotional sacrifice it takes to compete and the strain it can cause on the family. I also had to learn how to overcome various injuries and create an identity that expanded beyond the softball field. Being an athlete isn’t just a hobby. It’s a mindset. On and off the field. My small stature taught me the need to push myself and previous coaching experiences have reminded me how the true value of the game is being able to be completely present in the field. I understand what it means to break down concepts mechanical and step by step. Together we can create both a defensive and offensive strategy to help you win personally on and off the field. 

- Autumn Collings

$15 a child for a 5-10 person team.
$10 per child for a team of 11 or larger.
12-15 team maximum