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Autumn Collings, M.S

 Texas State approved Supervisor for Marriage and Family Therapy and Approved AAMFT Supervisor Candidate

Are you seeking State Supervision or Clinical Consultation?

Autumn is a knowledgeable supervisor with experiences within the residential level of care, as well as building her own private practice. Her history of coaching, being a collegiate athlete, working with children in CPS care, supporting teens, families and adults within the recovery journey of co-occurring disorders and addiction gives her a deeper understanding of areas you may encounter as a new clinician.

No matter your education, experience, or personal background, Autumn can help strengthen your understanding of therapeutic interventions for practical application with your client's.  Engage in consultation over treatment planning, DSM-Diagnosis, insurance writing, and identify your own therapeutic orientation.  Learn how to work through transference and countertransference and build confidence in yourself as a therapist. You are your greatest tool within session, but you also need to be aware of how to utilize your strengths for your clients. Find guidance as you work toward laying your own professional path.  Being a newly licensed clinician or graduate student does not have to be overwhelming. Empowerment is gained through knowledge and support. 

Autumn's Professional Experience 


Residential Treatment 

Orientation of
Therapeutic models utilized within supervision

  • MHA: Adolescent Symposium (2020)

    • Structural Family Therapy For Adolescents​

  • TAMFT: (2020)

    • Reflecting Teams: Helps for Systematic Trainee​

  • 45th Annual TAPP Stage Conference On Addiction Studies (2022)

    • Structural Family Therapy For Adolescents​

  • Years of working within various Residential Treatment Center's for behavioral management, co-occurring disorders, and addiction. 

    • Writing notes for insurance​

    • Individual and Family Therapy

    • Group facilitation

    • Workshops

    • Case management services 

    • Treatment Planning

    • Clinician consultation and training

  • Narrative and Structural Family Therapy

  • Collaborative Interventions include:
    • Strategic Therapy

    • Sand Tray

    • Therapeutic play 

    • Solution focused interventions​


    • Gottman Method

How much does this cost?


Virtual Clinical Consultation

Do you want someone to walk with you step by step on writing notes, practice time management, discuss cases, and create treatment plans? Consultation is to help strengthen your theoretical orientation, further your understanding of DSM diagnosis, and build therapeutic skills to utilize in sessions. We will work together to understand barriers that imposture syndrome creates to help you build confidence as a therapist. 

$50 per hour 

State Supervision

Are you looking for a Texas State Supervisor to get your LMFT state licensure? Autumn is a Texas State approved supervisor for those seeking LMFT licensure. She is currently working on completing her AAMFT approval supervisor status. The supervision process is an influential part of your therapeutic development. You want to feel supported and challenged academically and professionally.  Autumn provides a free consultation to make sure her experiences are a good fit for your needs. 

$100.00 per hour

“Autumn, is so clam and accepting. She has helped me grow more confident as a therapist in more ways than I can describe."
"I never felt judged and was also pushed to find my own sense of style of therapy for my clients"
“She is so creative and dedicated to not only the wellbeing of us as supervisees but the welfare of the clients we work with. I was able to grow not only as a counselor, but as a professional within our field”
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