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Available Services

Family Counseling

Being a parent is one of the most stressful responsibilities in life. It’s hard to know how to help your child when you feel as though any comment can trigger an argument. Not having the “answers” does not mean you are a “bad parent“. By asking for help, you are taking steps to empower your family. Our team works with families to help them learn communication skills and parenting tools to bridge the generational gap for empowerment and connection.​

State Supervision 

Autumn is a Texas State Supervisor and AAMFT Clinical Fellow & Approved SupervisorShe offers supervision services for those seeking LMFT licensure. 

Individual Counseling

Life is unpredictable. It hurts and makes us feel broken. It can feel as though everything is against you and “no one” or “nothing is for you”. Believe me...YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It takes courage to admit when things are outside of our control. We offer individual counseling services to clients as young as five years old. We want to make sure that you are heard. Your voice matters! Our team consists of various clinicians skilled in working with a variety of ages to make sure that we can find the best fit for your or your families needs.

Clinical Consultation

Becoming fully licensed as a clinician can make you feel overwhelmed or insecure. Autumn offers a variety of clinician consultation services to help you build confidence in your therapeutic role. 

Couples Counseling

Relationships are full of challenges that make us question our sense of value and emotional security. You may get so caught up on trying to prove a point that it can cause more distance and resentment in your relationship. We utilize a combination of therapeutic approaches including the Gottman method to help you learn how to  “Get it right” versus focusing on trying to “Be right”.

Virtual Applications

Therapy with Autumn offers virtual application services for those needing in home or long-distance care within the state of Texas. 


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