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play therapy

Therapeutic Play

Play is an essential part of communication for kids. It is how your child learns to express emotions, develop problem solving skills, and build self-confidence. We use “play” within sessions to help reduce feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, or tantrum behaviors. Maybe your child is struggling with being overwhelmed and has a hard time adapting to changes outside of their control. It can be so difficult to see your child be in pain whether its emotionally or physically. Your child has incredible gifts,  strengths, and potential that is waiting to shine. Our team focuses on hands-on interventions such as sand tray, attachment games, art, and various physical activities to help them learn emotional regulation and healthy forms of expression.


Trauma is something that can impact your life on a daily basis to where you may feel as though you are drowning in your own thoughts and emotions. You can feel stuck and as though you are not able to move forward in life. Each of our team members have various experiences within behavioral therapies to help you work through that feeling of powerlessness.


You can learn tools that will help redirect the disruption which has been affecting your ability to have healthy, satisfying relationships or tolerate life’s uncertainties, failures, and rejections without excess distress. There is hope within knowledge.

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addiction counseling

Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a monster that will tear you or your family apart and taint your sense of purpose and value. It will do everything in its power to make you feel afraid and disconnected to the ones you love. You do not have to face that battle alone. 


Our team members have personal experiences with addiction and know what it takes to enter into a life of recovery. Whether it's your own personal story of addiction or of someone you love, we are ready to walk with you step by step toward healing. We can help establish plans for relapse prevention and find a path to recovery that meets your or your families individual needs. 

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